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While many artists find their calling through nature and beauty, Ortega's calling draws from his own life experiences. Born in New York, NY in 1972, his main passions as a youth was painting and drawing but his ability in writing took hold and progressed from adolescence into adulthood. He schooled himself in communications on the job in the fields of retail, publishing and advertising and later went on to study Poetry at The New School and Advertising Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

In his 20’s, he lived a bohemian nocturnal lifestyle, dropping out of CUNY Kingsborough by third semester to frequent mega clubs such as The Limelight. Despite his continued development via guidance from a few steadfast lovers, Ortega struggled with nil support the rat race of daily living in NYC, forging an identity in a hostile environment and also the senseless murder of his best friend, transgender woman Amanda Milan, near Times Square. In all this, Ortega was able to find beauty in self-expression while yearning for acceptance as a young gay Hispanic male charting his own path.

Whether Christian Ortega, now in his late 40s, is chronicling the end of the millennium in his 1st book "Epigrams" (2000) Preview URL: or sharing about his teenage years in his 2nd book "I Know What You Did In The 80's" (2006) Preview URL: or confounding minds with his 3rd book and solo exhibition "CONCEPTS and TITLES" (2009) Preview URL: or making us all see red in his 4th book "RED POEMS" (2014) Preview URL: or deconstructing ten years of his digital self to present a new biographical form in "Rants For Social Media" (2020) Ortega strives to shine light on the walls of his mind's interior to share a unique voice and vision.

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